Its a part of riding a bike. Email: with details and photos of your damaged kit, including your original receipt, and we'll either repair it or give you 45% discount on a replacement kit*. 

Conditions Apply:

  • Proof of purchase must be provided. Receipt or order confirmation.
  • The age of your kit will be taken into consideration. Fair wear and tear is not covered.
  • The discount provided may be used to replace the damaged item/s from the same product group. e.g if 1 pair of bib shorts is damaged, a discount will be provided for the purchase of 1 pair of bib shorts.
  • The replacement discount may only be applied at online store.
  • The replacement discount of 45% applies to the full RRP of the original product purchased and can only be redeemed on full-priced products.
  • Where possible we will seek to repair the item. Giving products a longer lifespan is helpful to the environmental impact in our world. 
  • Does not include collaborative items eg. shoes, glasses and caps.