LABEL is unlabelled, a brand thats only label is the one on our apparel. It was founded to be creative, collaborative and bring people together from all walks of life using our core principle: Labels are for clothing, not for people. We actively explore innovative technologies and diverse settings to continuously challenge our limits and push the boundaries of what's achievable. 

Our Founder

Julian Roberts

I started out in the industry being a test pilot for brands. Being a test pilot means making mistakes and learning from them, It also gave me the opportunity to work with my childhood hero David Millar.

Working with these giants it helped me develop a unique perspective that is not shown as much as it should be. That is inclusivity, where those are labelled are no more. This is why I created the Label Collective.

Its the beginning of something that will continuously grow and evolve and I hope by doing so it will invoke thought into other brands across the industry.