A Collection Built To Last

Our industries manufacturing has advanced over the years. We take brands such as Patagonia, Alpkit, Restrap, Apidura have been leading the way in technological advancements for for many years. In this realm, adventurers and explorers have traditionally been the pioneers, improving what comes out and having top-quality gear has always been imperative for them to either be the first to achieve a feat or simply to survive the journey intact.

This is an inspiration for us at Label Collective, and we are committed to upholding it. In our connection collection, we aimed to not only honor this tradition and make sure our kit is made to last.

Our mission was straightforward: given the extensive time spent cycling outdoors throughout the year, how could we ensure that essential items everyday will stand the test of time. By using chammy pads with extra comfort made from the best materials for longer rides and use. Polyester thats crafted consciously with durability right down to every stitch in an ethical way. To make sure it stays dry or keeps you warm when you need it most, without effecting performance. 

This year we’ll be releasing more products but for now the connection collection is available to ride now for the road ahead here.

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